Mongol Warrior

A new piece for the new year! Inspired by the netflix series Marco Polo I decided to try to depict a Mongol warrior stepping up to the khans throne to swear his fealty. Perhaps the warrior is too brash and forward? Is he of Mongol blood or an Outsider? Well that was the idea anyway. Looking back i think the piece is a tad stiff and after talking to some friends when it was already too far on I've decided to revisit the piece at a later time, maybe it expects the viewer to know too much. For example with no sign of the Khan being present this could be anyone's throne room? The more you know kids! Don't expect your audience to have a vast knowledge of your intended content or expect them to have also just finished binging on the lovely series Marco Polo. There are some parts I'm happy with the piece though so lets put it up for all to see as a lesson learned!



New website!

Hi there, i'll try to keep as up to date as i can with this blog, in the mean time you can view some older posts over here