Hey I'm Mike Jones currently a freelance artist living in the UK with over 4 years experience in the industry, as well as achieving a Ba Hons in Games Art and Design from Norwich University College of the Arts. My main interests are games and music, both of which inspire me to pick up a pencil or a stylus and create. I'm also an avid fan of Role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and recently Degenesis! Although I'm sure this is apparent when glancing at my portfolio.

I work primarily in Photoshop, although always explore new ways to complete illustrations or concepts with different software such as Zbrush, Maya, Clip Studio and Sketchbook pro and I'm always willing to learn new techniques to broaden my understanding even further. I've been using these programs to change my work flow whether it be Zbrush to quicker get an idea in a 3d space and transfer it into photoshop or Clip Studio for clean line work for a clients character art.

As I said I'm currently a Freelance Artist available for work, although would be willing to work within a studio on larger projects given the chance. I've worked for companies such as Cryptozoic on their Trading Card Game HEX and was tasked to create illustrations for their Card Art in Game. I've also worked for Alderac Entertainment Games (AEG) on their Board Game Romance of the 9 Empires, again creating full illustratons for characters and card art as well as working for Arcane Tinmen in a similar role for their game The Spoils.

Ive been commissioned on numerous occasions by private clients for their own personal projects requiring Storyboards, Concepts, Illustrations, Designs and even Tattoo's some of which are in my portfolio.